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“Information” as in BIM and its application !!

There has been a lot of discussion about the fact that Information is still not used to give complete advantage BIM offers to its user. 

Out here I would like this group to provide their feedback as to how they have been successful in implementing and inserting maximum amount of useful information in the building model. 

To me a building model is completely successful if the same model contains so much of information that the same can be used for facility management after the actual construction is over. Till date we have not reached such a level where our models can be used for FM. 

What is the optimum level of information we should put in the model which can used for construction process!! With all manufacturer building their library in Revit, I foresee much more information being assembled into a model. 

Let us try and attempt if we can understand the “information” as in BIM really.

The above was posted by me on linkedin and I got some response which are as follows:

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